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Siam Global Teaching

At Siam Global Teaching, we are passionate about connecting dedicated educators with exciting opportunities to teach English in Thailand. Our mission is to bridge the gap in English language education and provide exceptional learning experiences for students while offering teachers a rewarding journey of personal and professional growth.

Established in 2009, Siam Global Teaching is a Thai limited company proudly registered in Thailand. We specialize in international English teacher recruitment and are committed to enhancing the English proficiency of Thai learners. With a steadfast focus on providing the best education possible, we have steadily grown our network of partner schools and English teaching positions across Thailand.

Why Choose

Siam Global Teaching?

Our dedication to excellence sets us apart:

Quality English Professionals

We diligently select English teachers from native English-speaking countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and England. We believe that the native language and cultural insight these teachers bring enrich the learning experience for Thai students.

Partnership with Schools

We work closely with schools throughout Thailand, understanding their unique requirements and matching them with the most suitable English teachers. Our commitment is to elevate the quality of education provided by our partner schools.

Professional Approach

Siam Global Teaching's rigorous recruitment process ensures that only the best English teachers are selected. We support our teachers throughout their employment, providing ongoing training, guidance, and feedback.

Excellence in Education

We are driven by our pursuit of excellence in education. We continuously assess and improve our syllabus, teaching materials, testing, and evaluation methods to raise the English proficiency of Thai learners.

Our Commitment to Education

We understand the pressing need to enhance English proficiency among Thai learners. Studies conducted by Thai universities have revealed that there is room for improvement. Our goal is to prepare Thai students to become qualified global citizens in an era of globalization. We believe that through proper guidance and education, this goal can be achieved.

Join Us

Siam Global Teaching offers teachers a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally. By joining our team, you will gain valuable teaching experience, international business skills, and contribute to improving English education in Thailand.

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